Day 6: Saturday, October 8th.

9:30 am – The hospital called this morning while we were still at the apartment. They’re removing her chest tubes! She had several tubes put in during the surgery to drain excess fluids from the heart, lungs and stomach, but they have fulfilled their purpose now.

I think as soon as she’s feeding well they’ll be moving her out of ICU – maybe this afternoon or tomorrow (just a guess)?

10:00 am – Miriam just called from the hospital. She said Emma looks really good. She even cries normally now! We’ll probably get tired of that pretty soon, but for now it’s great to hear her being loud like a normal, healthy baby.

They’re weaning her off the blood pressure medicine now, and will try to start feeding her this afternoon. If all goes well, they’ll be moving her out of the ICU tomorrow!

2:30 pm – First feeding: 11:00 am. She had 2 oz, and wanted more! They’ll be feeding her every three hours now.

The nurse says she’s really loud when she’s crying now! We haven’t been in at the right time to hear it yet (still 10 minutes/hour), but Miriam says the gurgles and squeaks are gone.

emma_10-8_02_th.jpg emma_10-8_01_th.jpg

6:30 pm – Miriam feed Emma a bottle at 5:00 today. She’s really doing good. She had her last dose of morphine this morning, so now she’s on Tylenol when she needs it. Very content to sleep and eat.

emma_10-8_04_th.jpg emma_10-8_03_th.jpg