Day 9: Tuesday, October 11th.

11:30 am – Emma’s eating well. She went from 3.5 kg yesterday to 3.6 kg today (~3.5 oz gain, really good). She still had her oxygen tubes in her nose when we arrived, but the nurse told us she’s been off oxygen since this morning – just a bit of room air flow.

Still no room in the stepdown area. But they moved her to another area in the ICU, and left her O2 tubes off once we got there.

IMG_3164.jpg eating&looking.jpg burping.jpg IMG_3180.jpg

3:30 pm – She ate another 1.5 oz (what she’s supposed to) and a nurse came over to discuss her care once Emma gets home. She also removed Emma’s incision tape.

IMG_3184.jpg blondehair.jpg fish.jpg lookingatfish.jpg IMG_3190.jpg IMG_3189.jpg

5:30 pm – A room is finally open in the stepdown area, and she’ll be moving over there in an hour. So Miriam will be sleeping with her in the hospital tonight. And, the doctor says he doesn’t see any reason she can’t go home tomorrow! So we’ll see, but this might be her last night in the hospital!!

10:30 pm – Well, after a four hour wait in the hospital, Emma is NOT moving out of her ICU room (due to an emergency room patient), but everybody is still saying she’s scheduled for discharge tomorrow. The paperwork is even all filled out, just waiting for a date and signature.