October 21, 2005:

10:00 pm – Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the page. Many things to do as soon as we got home (house is almost ready to sell), and Emma was doing great at first.

Tonight she and Miriam are staying at the Siloam Springs hospital for monitoring. Her heart is doing fine, healing seems to be going very well, but she’s having more breathing trouble and her wieght has actually been declining.

Now, this may not be bad as it seems at first. The doctor who saw her Monday to remove her stitches didn’t like her breathing, so he upped her dosage of fluid-removing medicine to get the fluid out of her lungs for a few days. That MAY be part of the weight loss.

At this point the doctors think something else may be wrong with her digestion or diet – unrelated to her heart troubles.

She still looks very healthy (compared to before), so we don’t think it’s a real danger, but she definately needs to start putting on a lot of weight very soon – she’s still so far behind where she should be.

11:45 pm – After the local doctors looked Emma over here and talked back and forth with the Little Rock Children’s Hospital, they decided to re-admit her to the hospital down there – tomorrow! – to make sure that she’s not having problems with her heart.

So it looks like we’ll be heading back to Little Rock for another stay tomorrow (Saturday). Unfortunately our recently purchased car’s transmission is having more troubles, and now we’re going to have to pay for more hotels! Yay! đŸ™‚ Plus I just agreed to take over two classes at JBU on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of the semester for a prof who’s having heart trouble…

But the important thing is that Emma gets taken care of. We were really happy with our first experience at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, so that should be good.