October 23, 2005:

12:10 am – Miriam called from the hospital. Emma is eating well, but still losing weight. The tests run so far don’t show anything obviously wrong. One doctor thought the two working veins from the lungs to the heart look too small, so they’re going to look further into that on Monday. An x-ray also showed a small spot on the lungs that could be pneumonia, but she doesn’t have any symptoms and they’re thinking it’s probably not that, though a specialist will be looking at it (she’s on anti-biotics just in case).

We’re basically waiting until Monday for more tests. I’ll be driving down there this afternoon (Sunday), hoping to make it back for classes on Tuesday, though Emma and Miriam will probably stay down there. Miriam is staying in the room with Emma there, so I’ll sleep in the waiting room tonight to save on hotels, and then head back Monday evening if everything is going smoothly.