October 25, 2005:


9:30 pm – Well, Emma didn’t do so well yesterday. What with all the tests taking up her eating time (no food from 7 am – 3 pm) and eating poorly during the night, she lost another 10 oz(!) almost overnight. We feel that this is a blessing in disguise however – now the doctors are looking into more than just her heart.

Looks like she’s having some reflux problems (confirmed during testing this afternoon), and possibly some swallowing problems. Both are VERY easy to fix – a little medicine and thicker formula. She’s on a feeding tube for tonight anyway. She’ll be staying for at least another day or so. The swallow test will be conducted tomorrow, and she’ll be seeing a neurologist to make sure she’s during ok.

So she’s not doing the best at the moment, but it looks like we’re on the road to find out how to get it all fixed. One bit of good news is that the doctor doesn’t think she’ll ever need any more heart surgery – her veins should be fine, and he’s very happy with the healing process so far. Now she just needs to eat!