October 27, 2005:

12:30 pm – I’m headed back to Little Rock. Miriam just called and asked me to come back as soon as possible. Emma hasn’t been doing too well with food, so she’s on the feeding tube, but it sounds like there may be some other problems in other areas.

Please pray for all of us at this time. I wil update this page again when I can.

10:30 pm – We’ve heard that some readers were very concerned about my running down to Little Rock – I was a little bit too when Miriam called. The main thing was that she just needed my support in general – she’s been in the hospital for nearly a week now, and I haven’t been around since Monday. Combined mostly with frustration over Emma’s eating, she just needed me to be with her for a while.

Emma may still have some underlying health issues that these heart and eating problems are symptoms of. We probably won’t know anything definite for at least 2 months though. Nothing life-threatening as far as we can see, just more things to deal with. How much and what kind depend on what they find.

Because of Emma’s low muscle tone and general weakness, she had an MRI this morning. We should hear the results in the morning.

At this point we’re just working on her feeding. It’s hard because there are so many factors. One medicine may be helping, the other seems to make it worse (we’ve stopped that to see). She’s quite possibly still a little nauseous from the anesthesia this morning (MRI). All-in-all, she doesn’t like the feeding tube, but it’s good for her. She gets her recommended amount of food with no energy expended, and little to no problems with it coming back up.

As of the weighing this evening, she gained 10 ounces in one day! Of course, we don’t know how much her foot IV board weighs… 🙂 But she’s definitely gaining steadily every day. Looks like we’ll be keeping her on the feeding tube for a while.

At this point, looks like we’ll all be coming back to Siloam either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday, depending on if we get all the meetings done tomorrow and everything is going well.

The special Medicare application was sent off today, so we should know if we get the 3-month coverage for Emma in two weeks or so. At this point that’s pretty big deal money-wise. Sort of an all-paid or tons-owed sort of thing. Though there are a few other things we can try if this doesn’t work.

We’re also praying for wisdom concerning our transportation. Our ’99 Subaru Outback, purchased two months ago, turned out to be a serious lemon. Our best option at this point looks like a trade-in, so we’re trying to decide between a really good deal on a new car that will last us for years (20% off msrp) or going with another used car. Not good timing for more big decisions, just like it’s not the best timing to be trying to finish up our house to sell. Oh well, it’ll work out.

I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. I forgot to bring the camera from the hospital to the hotel I’m staying in