October 30, 2005:

11:00 pm – Surgery is tomorrow – not quite sure what time. We’ve heard from many friends coming to visit over the next few days. THANK YOU!! Miriam is very grateful for the time you’re taking to come to be with her. Still planning on coming home Wednesday/Thursday, so maybe she and Emma can hitch a ride back with one of the vistors, which would be a big help.

Another doctor has been very impressed with Emma’s activity today. She’s definetely gaining a lot of energy now that she’s getting the calories. Really whipping her hands, feet and head around, looking at her mobile and the nurses. Smiling a lot too, both at the fish mobile and at us.

She’s also doing great off oxygen! Hasn’t needed it since Friday morning. We found out that a rolled cloth under her shoulders helps her breath much better too.

I just placed some pictures above from Elise’s visit yesterday. And here’s a couple more from this evening of Emma. I tried to get her big smiles, but I just got the edge of them.

funnyface.jpg IMG_3334.jpg IMG_3337.jpg IMG_3331.jpg