October 31, 2005:

9:30 pm – Surgery went well yesterday. Emma hasn’t eaten anything today, so she’ll probably lose a bit of her newly-gained weight and energy by tomorrow when she’s supposed to start eating again.

We’ve had a second geneticist tell us he suspects a chromosome problem. The one mentioned is Chromosome 22. We really don’t know more than that, and won’t for another several weeks probably. We also don’t know if that’s in conjunction with a mitochondria disease. Today’s spinal tap should show some light on that in a week or so.

One doctor said that Emma’s on more calories per ounce than he’s seen, but she’s still not gaining weight the way he would expect. So we’re all thinking that there’s something going on with her ability to process the nutrients.

For now we’re just waiting and praying, and being there for Emma day to day. We don’t know what the future holds, but God does, and we trust in His plan for us all.