November 2, 2005:

3:00 pm – Emma is doing well. She started eating again yesterday at noon, and was up to 2 ounces every three hours (previous level) by 6 pm Tuesday and doing fine.

Today she ate 1.5 ounces from the bottle with no gagging problems! Definately an improvement. The plan is to feed her from the bottle every other feeding for as much as she’ll take, and then finish it off with her tube.

Miriam and Emma are both coming home tomorrow! Her mom and a friend are planning on picking her up at 9:30 am.

We already have four more appointments set up in Little Rock so far, so we’ll still be heading down regularly, but at least we can all be at home together in between, which will be very nice. I think the next one is in December, so that’s not too bad.

Miriam should have a chance to catch up on all the email when she gets back. I haven’t had time to answer it all, but I’m sure she’s looking forward to replying to all your kind messages. Thank you for your prayers as we wait on all these test results.