November 7, 2005:

11:45 am – Emma had a checkup and her tube stitches removed this morning in Siloam Springs. She’s been having some congestion problems lately, and the doctor says she has the first stages of pneumonia. So she has a few shots scheduled for that.

Good news! She is up to 8 pounds 14 ounces!! That’s nearly a pound heavier than she’s ever been, and works out to gaining approximately 2 ounces per day, which is very good.

We’re stopping the bottle feeds for now because of the congestion, but up to now she’s been drinking the entire bottle nearly every time! The hospital recommended using the bottle every other feeding, and then finishing it off with the tube if she doesn’t get it all down, but since we got home she’s been finishing it all up. Better than she was doing before the surgery, so the tightening of the stomach sphincter and slowing down with the bottle seem to be helping a lot.

The local doctor also said he doesn’t think she looks like she has any chromosome problems. We can’t rule anything out until the text results come back though, which will be maybe a week for one test, and a month or so for the other. Still waiting to find out what the brain damage to the Pons will mean too, since the MRI did show damage there.

So we still don’t know what the future holds for Emma’s health, but at least one problem seems to under control – she’s getting the nutrition she needs to grow.

I will try to get some pictures this afternoon.

2:45 pm – Photos! Added some pictures to the entry above. You can see Emma’s feeding tube there. And here’s some photos from yesterday and today below:

girlpose.jpg seriousclose-up.jpg sisterslookingup.jpg sisterslooking.jpg onmommysbed.jpg