November 8, 2005:

4:45 pm – Emma continued to have breathing problems due to congestion last night and this morning, so we decided to take her back in to the local hospital today. The RSV test is negative, so it looks like just a bit of pneumonia.

My opinion on part of Emma’s breathing troubles is that she continuely tries to breathe through her nose, not her mouth, even when her nose is getting clogged up. So then she panics because she thinks she can’t get enough air. She may have a decent amount of congestion in the lungs themselves though too.

The latest thing I’ve heard so far is that the doctor said her lungs are looking much better now (vs. earlier today I guess), so she seems to be doing fine. Miriam will be staying with Emma in the hospital overnight (hospital is 5 minutes from our house, much better than 4 hours away!), and I’m trying to avoid being around her much because I have a bit of a cold too. Elise is back to Grandma’s house for the moment.

She should have her third shot for the pneumonia tomorrow, so hopefully it will start clearing up soon.