November 9, 2005:

2:30 pm – The second RSV test came back negative today. Emma is doing great. Miriam says she’s happy and relaxed, breathing fine. She’s off oxygen, no IV fluids, basically eating and sleeping as if she was at home. The doctor said her chest x-ray looks the same as before – so sounds like she does still have some lung congestion, but it isn’t too bad, and isn’t getting worse. I haven’t heard much beyond that.

She has apparently decided she doesn’t want to sleep on her back anymore, so she’s rolling onto her side now. That’s a first!

Miriam doesn’t know yet if they’ll be staying tonight in the hospital again, or not. Just have to wait until the doctor’s evening rounds to find out.

10:00 pm – …and the doctor says I’m right… 🙂 Turns out babies don’t breathe through their mouths very well until they are around 6 months old (two more months to go for Emma). Just the way it is.

On another interesting note, Miriam showed the doctor Emma’s one extra-large big toe – the doc says it could actually have two sets of toe bones in it. Only know with an x-ray, but Miriam says looking at it again it looks quite possible. Kind of odd, but not a problem I guess.

She’s still doing good. The doctors didn’t come by tonight, so they’re just going to stay the night. Sounds like they’ll probably be discharged tomorrow morning. Right now all Emma is getting is breathing treatments (I forgot, she’s been getting these this whole time). Basically just have her breathe some gas for a few minutes every so often to help her airways stay clear. We don’t know if they’ll send that home with us, or if she’ll come back to the clinic daily for them…

Anyway, things are still going well. My sore throat is improving too (though tomorrow’s 3 hours of talking in my JBU classes may change that), so hopefully I won’t have to avoid Emma so much