November 14, 2005:

6:30 pm – The doctors have scheduled a heart catheterization for Thursday. They’re thinking that some of the veins and arteries may be too thin, and this will let them know for sure. If there’s a localized thin area, they’ll be doing some surgery. If it’s more than just a localized spot, then…well, we don’t know. They didn’t want to go into that at this point.

Emma is still doing great. She’s very active when she’s not sleeping – Miriam said she kicked her way half-way down the bed today. She gained a little more weight, up 2 oz to 8 lb 9 oz (she lost a bit while she was sick and having the breathing problems).

At this point we’re thinking we may end up in the hospital over Thanksgiving, which will not be fun. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers, including Elise (stuck with the Grandparents for weeks on end, and loving it). Thank you!

IMG_3436.jpg daddywithemmainicu.jpg pacifier.jpg brightsmile2.jpg