November 28, 2005:

2:30 pm – We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with family. And it was great having Elise, Miriam, and I all in the same building for a few days as we stayed in an apartment Wednesday through Sunday.

Emma is still waiting on her heart cath – looks like it will be tomorrow. Due to the holidays and mixed up doctor’s/nurse’s schedules, we’ve heard conflicting stories on her condition. Today everything is getting back to normal, and her usual doctors are saying it’s time to start coming off the ventilator. We’re really wanting that to happen as soon as possible! So hopefully heart cath tomorrow, completely off the ventilator in a day or so, and then home by this weekend. That’s our hope anyway, we haven’t heard a schedule from the doctors yet.

In other news, our car is working much better after some basic repairs, and we’re hoping it’ll be doing good for a while so we can put off any plans for getting another one. We’re still working with the hospital on how it’s all going to be paid for – no definate news yet.

3:00 pm – Good news! Miriam just found out that Emma was approved for 3 months of Medicare, starting in October. So that will save us over $100,000 in bills!! Thanks for all your prayers on this issue. We’re still working on continuing coverage for physical therapy, oxygen supply, etc for after December – our insurance is pretty much flatly refusing to pay for any more.

Emma is in progress on moving off the ventilator, but it’s moving slowly. One number (not sure what it is) should be under 20 at this point, and she’s hovering at 20-21. Better than the 27 at one point last week. Please pray that she will improve and be able to come off that very soon!

Also she’s just starting running a small fever. They’re doing some tests to see why.