December 5, 2005:

9:00 am – I’m back down in Little Rock for a few days with Miriam and Emma. Emma is doing really well. Her numbers are looking pretty good, and they’re really starting to talk about taking her off the ventilator (maybe today!). There’s still a hearing test remaining that they want to do. One of Miriam’s sisters has a genetic hearing condition, and we’re worried that Emma might have it as well – and the sooner it’s caught the better.

Other than that test (should be today), all that remains is getting her off the ventilator and back to normal with feedings, etc. We’re hoping that we can all come back together on Wednesday!

11:55 am – Another doctor came in this morning and said she’s not ready to come off yet. He wants to make sure she’ll do really well afterwards. So they’re still working on getting the hearing appointment set up for today, and then we’re all just waiting for these pressure numbers to go down.

Emma has been on the ventilator for over two weeks now. That means she’s sedated most of the time, sleeping, so no mental or physical stimulation. Also Miriam can’t hold her. And she’s not very comfortable when awake. Please pray that she will improve and be able to come off soon!