December 6, 2005:

10:30 pm – Emma is fine, but still on the ventilator. The doctors have upped some pressures and medicines to hopefully help her lungs strengthen a bit. Some of the numbers seem a bit better today. I’m going to try to talk with the doctors tomorrow about all of this. We’re still hoping that she’ll be off soon, but no way of telling at this point.

They finally weighed her today (first time in over two weeks), and she’s now 10 pounds 8 ounces! That’s a good steady weight gain. A positive for sure.

Miriam is trying to decide if she should come back to Siloam with me for a few days. I’m leaving tomorrow around noon, and she really wants to spend some time with Elise. It all depends on if we think there will be some changes with Emma in the next few days. If the doctors are pretty confident that things will stay the same through the weekend, Miriam can come back with me on Wednesday, and then I can run her back down to Little Rock on Sunday afternoon. We’ll see – not sure yet.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the last week or so – Emma with a bit of a smile, and Elise with her Aunt Emmy and Uncle Mark:
ventilator.jpg elisemark&emily.jpg