Email from Miriam (12/16/05)

Yet another day of waiting has passed.

Apparently the ear doctor did come yesterday. Oddly enough, I was there all day and didn’t see them, but they must have come while I was taking a nap. I saw one lady, so she might have been the ear doctor and I just didn’t realize. They said her ears look clear. They knew to check for colestiotoma (what Hannah has) so I am assuming that means she doesn’t have that either, but since I didn’t get to talk to them I don’t know if that is a for sure thing or not. Maybe I will try to find out the name of the doctor who saw her so that I can call them directly.

Nothing much has changed today. They upped Emma’s diuretic to see if that would flush more fluid out of her lungs. So far we are just waiting. I tried to get them to give me an idea of how much longer this could take, but they don’t have any idea. The only thing they could say was that if another week goes by with no change and they don’t think she is sick, they will talk to cardiology again. She may need that other heart catheterization after all. They don’t think her lack of lung compliance has to do with her heart issues, but they’ll look into it again if they can’t find anything else. I am praying that Emma’s numbers will miraculously be down tomorrow.

John heads back home tomorrow. I am considering going back with him if it looks like nothing is going to happen here for a few days. That way I can spend a few days with Elise at home. I am thinking that she may need the time more than Emma does right now. Emma woke up some again today. She was making little noises. Normally they can’t make noises with the ventilator in, but she has a little hole in her tube and so she figured out how to make some coos through that.

Well, I will keep you updated. Pray with me that Emma’s lungs will show some major improvement very soon.