Another helicopter ride for Emma

Well, as I write Emma is on her way down to Little Rock via helicopter. She is actually very stable at the moment so don’t let the helicopter ride worry you. It is just the easiest way to get her down there without risking something happening on the way were we to drive. Here is how my day went:

Since the last time I wrote Emma slept for quite awhile. When she did wake she would usually be coughing and I could tell she was working harder than usual. At her 1:00 feed she was struggling with trying to throw up and finally I had to stop the feed because she was getting more upset. Then she went into another episode of struggling to breathe and panic. I had John hold her while I gave her another breathing treatment. She was taking longer to calm down this time so after talking with her cardiologist (who happened to be the cardiologist on call this weekend at Little Rock) and Dr. Youmans I headed to the ER. As soon as I put her in the car she fell asleep. I decided to carry out the trip though so they could at least check her oxygen levels. It was a good thing I did because by the time the nurse called us back she had started to work up again. They calmed her down with blowby oxygen and another breathing treatment. As I was undressing her I discovered that she was quite warm and when they took her temp it was 103.5. Her chest x-ray showed signs of pneumonia and her blood count showed signs of fighting infection. So they think that she has some infection that is giving her problems.

When asked if I would rather keep her here or in Little Rock I said Little Rock. They know Emma better down there and know better how to handle someone like her. So they called Little Rock to come get her after getting the OK from her cardiologist. The nurses on the Angel One flight were here awhile getting her set up to go. They ended up having to put an IV in her head because they couldn’t get one anywhere else. She has always been hard to do with needles. She looked comfortable all strapped onto the stretcher with little yellow earmuffs and a hard suck on her pacifier. As she was wheeled out it brought joy and a little pang to my heart to see her big wide eyes follow me. John and I will drive down tomorrow.

She was totally calmed down when they left and had been for awhile. I think they are right to keep her in the hospital though to make sure she gets over this new bout of pneumonia. Please pray for her and the doctors and us as we drive down. Also pray for me. This time I am having a harder time with the fact that I am heading back to Little Rock. I don’t mind being there, but I had enough time this time to settle into home and feel like I have a lot to do here. Also please pray for Elise. I think she is going through more stress than she shows on the outside.