Good News

I thought I should write so that I am not only writing when there is bad news to share.  Emma is doing well.  We had several days after we got home of pretty bad congestion and little energy, but she appears to be doing better since last night.  She has been awake a lot as if she is tired of sleeping.  She has been looking around at things (even turning her head to the right, although not usually sleeping on that side).  In fact this morning she had a very normal reaction to being put back into her crib-she threw a fit, albeit a short one.  It thrills me to see her want to be out and around.  In fact yesterday John told me she was crying so I went to check on her.  It turned out she wasn’t really upset, she was just yelling.  I think she was trying to get some attention.  I think we are past the worst of her cold, but keep us in your prayers that we won’t have a reoccurence.