Pictures of Emma

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing some more recent pictures of Emma. Enjoy!

tummytime.jpg boppy1.jpg

These are pictures of Emma practicing being on her tummy. She usally hates it, but with her new boppy pillow she was all right with it.


Her boppy proves usefull for just hanging out as well.


Here she is out of her crib and “playing” with toys. This is the first day she felt better after her last cold. She didn’t want to sleep most of the day and it turns out that she is probably teething, which will be her second tooth if it comes in.

emma&turtle2.jpg smilingincrib.jpg

Here are a couple pictures of her eating. Notice her smile in the second picture. If you look closely you can see her feeding tube.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of Emma

  1. Thanks, Miriam, for the Pictures. I’m always so excited to see Emma’s progress. She is such a little doll! You can tell that she is filling out . I can’t wait to see her and Elise both. Elise was just walking around things while she held on. And yes, I’m eager so see you and John,too. It’s funny how parents kinda take a backseat when kids are come along. We love you all oddles.

    Under His Wings,
    Grandma & Grandpa


  2. Thanks so much Miriam for taking the time to share with us. I LOVE having news about Emma and about you. Franklin, Lucía and I pray for her everyday, God bless you, love,



  3. “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” Romans 12:15 We REJOICE with YOU!! If the apostle Paul had lived in the south, he would have probably said “y’all.” We’re so happy with you at Emma’s progress! Your little prayer group in Omaha is continuing to lift you up!!


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