Washington Regional

Well, we didn’t quite make it to Little Rock. Emma started having a little more breathing trouble just outside of Fayetteville around 7:00 am, so we turned around and headed to Washington Regional Medical Center. Miriam and Emma are now settled in a room there for observation overnight.

If Emma’s condition worsens, she’ll be taken down to Little Rock, but for now we’re happy to be closer to home. Last I heard from Miriam, Emma seems to be doing better, so hopefully this won’t be a long stay.

Emma didn’t actually have a breathing attack this time, but had enough labored breathing and distress to make it very likely to have one. This pnuemonia is really hard on her already weakened lungs.

I’m sure Miriam would welcome visitors if anyone is in the area, though probably call first. The hospital main desk should be able to patch you through to her room.

One thought on “Washington Regional

  1. Assuming Miriam and Emma are in the same room as last night it is very easy to find their room. You go in the main entrance of Washington Regional, and straight into the hall way for pediatrics. Their room is about the second one on the left. You do not have to figure out stairs or elelvators!


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