Another emergency room visit.

As many of you have probably heard, Emma had a short trip to the emergency room this morning. She went into one of her spells this morning and so I took her in. By the time we got there she was actually calming down well on her own, so all they did was check her vitals and do a chest x-ray and blood tests. She still shows some signs of infection, but her chest x-ray didn’t look too bad. I talked to her cardiologist and the er doctor called him as well. They decided to up one of her doses of diuretic and let us go home for now. Her cardiologist will present her case for review tomorrow to the other cardiologists at Little Rock to discuss if they have any more options to help Emma not have these spells. He will call me probably tomorrow then to let me know what they decide. It will probably involve going down there for more tests.

Please pray that Emma will hold her own (no more spells) at least until we go down to Little Rock. We have a genetics appointment scheduled for Thursday so I don’t know if they will overlap those or if they want me to come down earlier. Hopefully we will find out more tomorrow. Also pray that God will give the doctors wisdom as they discuss and look for the cause and correction for Emma’s problems. Hopefully there will be a correction, though if they decide there isn’t and Emma will just deal with this for now then that is OK. We would just like a good plan of action for home to avoid going to the er every time, as they don’t do much we can’t do at home.