News from Little Rock

I hadn’t heard from Little Rock yet today so I called them about 4:00.  The cardiology nurse called me back with the results of their discussion yesterday.  She said that Dr. Morrow (Emma’s cardiologist) presented her case to the surgeons.  The surgeons said that there is nothing they can do from a cardiac standpoint to help her situation.  They felt like her diagnosis of pneumonia was probably not necessarily true.  Her lungs probably have a hazy look all the time.  So the basic answer I got today was that we need to look for answers elsewhere.  They said at this point they are thinking we will get those answers either from neurology or pulmonology.  We have another MRI February 28, so after that we can begin discussing how her neurological condition (which hopefully they will be able to tell from the MRI) could be affecting her respitory issues.  As far as pulmonology (lung) I don’t have an appointment with them until March 7, which seems like a long time.  I asked if we could see them sooner and they said they could check, but that they probably didn’t have any appointments in February.  I may  make some phone calls tomorrow to find out which doctor she is assigned to and make sure he knows what is going on.  If she really isn’t actually sick then her condition may be worsening and I don’t really want to wait until March.  On the other hand she has been very congested so perhaps she does just have a cold.  Whatever the case, please pray that the doctors will have wisdom to deal with Emma’s very unique case and that I will have the patience to wait for appointments and trust that God knows what He is doing.  What we heard today wasn’t bad news, in fact it was good from a certain point of view.  They are not planning on sending her back into sugery and we have a clearer path to look for answers.