Trip to Little Rock tomorrow

I would just like to remind everyone to be in prayer for my Mom, me, and Emma as we drive down to Little Rock again tomorrow.  Pray for a safe trip and safe roads.  Emma has been doing pretty well.  She still has bad moments, but nothing serious this week.  Thanks for your prayers concerning that.  I am sort of hoping that Emma have at least a mini spell tomorrow in front of the doctor, as this doctor has never observed her spells and it would maybe help them know what exactly is going on.  I don’t know if that is a good thing to pray for or not, but sometimes it is hard for the doctors to just rely on my description of the spells.  The doctor I am seeing tomorrow came to see Emma when she was on the ventilator and he is the one that came up with the theory involving pulmonary hypertension during her spells.  I really like him becuase he is one of the doctors that explains things to me in detail.

One thought on “Trip to Little Rock tomorrow

  1. Many, many prayers are with you tomorrow….and today, too! God knows exactly what Emma needs. I know the Spirit will make our feeble prayers acceptable to Him. We pray for travelling mercies and clear thinking for you and the doctor. May you feel God’s presence and may ALL bring glory to Him.
    Much love in Christ to you all from the Mindemans


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