Success with the bottle!

I have been doing more “therapeutic” feeding sessions with Emma.  All that means is giving her a bottle.  Last week when I started after taking a few weeks without any bottle, Emma wasn’t interested at all.  She loved to play with it, mostly biting, but took very few actual sucks.  Today for the first time in probably months, Emma took a whole ounce.  An ounce is the limit for her to take by mouth right now, due to aspiration and tiring.  She sucked with good coordination, and in fact barely looked like she was working.  I think it was the easiest I have ever seen her eat her whole life.  It did wear her out though.  She took another 1/3 oz. at her next bottle feeding.  Not as good, but she was definitely remembering that the bottle was for sucking, not chewing.  I am so happy!

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