Good weight gain!

Emma had a well check today with our family doctor here in town. She weighed 14 lbs. 2.5 oz. That puts her in the 10th percentile (which is great for someone who hasn’t even been in a percentile for several months. She is 25 in. long. Her weight gain over the past month has been at the rate of about 1 1/3 oz. a day. That is a lot, so I guess she is definitely concentrating on growing and dropping a night feeding hasn’t affected her.

As for other things discussed: we checked her palate, which showed no signs of a sub-mucous cleft. We also got her 6 month shots and a flu shot, so she will probably be fussy for the next couple of days. My doctor here is also going to call a pediatrician in Rogers and ask for an appointment for Emma. I got the name of this pediatrician from two different people. He is very experienced in complicated cases and I feel that it may be helpful to have him on Emma’s medical team.

As far as Emma’s respiratory condition, it remains the same. She hasn’t done well the last couple of days, having a couple small spells, but nothing major. I get the feeling that she may be building up for a bigger one. Of course, I was out of one of her diuretics for a couple days and so that may be part of her problem. She is back on it now. She has been very congested lately, but her lungs are sounding very clear.

I think that is about it. Thank you all again for all the prayers. Coming up we have a possible pediatrician visit in Rogers (maybe a different perspective will show some things that could help?), a big hearing test to determine which part of Emma’s ear is not working correctly, and an MRI of the brain on the 28th of February followed by a neurology appointment. Our genetic tests and Emma’s special insurance are both still pending.

One thought on “Good weight gain!

  1. I glad Emma does’nt have a sub-mucous cleft. While that may have given some answers, it would have required more surgery.

    How often is the therapist coming? Will she show you what to do on a daily basis?

    Miriam, Your birthday present will be coming to your house. I hope the mail does’nt take too long. Elise’s is going to yhe Miller house.

    Lots of love and praywrs,

    “Under His Wings”
    Grandma & Grandpa G.


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