Elise anecdotes

A couple bites of wisdom from a 3-year-old genius:

Elise was sent to ask Pop for something in the morning at Mema’s house. Pop was still in bed, so he asked Elise, “Isn’t there anybody else up?” Elise replied in perfectly good 3-year-old logic, “Yes, two bodies.” (referring to Mema and Mandie).

Later Elise came up with a great idea. She had found some uniquely shaped puzzle pieces and told Mema she had an idea. She wanted to trace around the pieces and then make pictures out of the shapes. Mema told Elise that that was a pretty good idea. “You must have a really smart head to come up with an idea like that.” Elise replied, “Yes, and my neck can talk.” With more questioning Mema discovered she was referring to the vibration that she could feel as she talked. I assume she figured that out herself? Who knows. She is quite imaginative.  The other day she had me open up the front door to let in the “prince” so she could dance with him.