Thank you!

I have just finished reading the many comments and emails that I have received from many of you. I can not even begin to express my thanks for the prayers and support that you all have surrounded our family with. It has been an amazing testimony of God to me.

Here are some specific prayer requests that may help you in your prayers for us. (I know I don’t even have to ask for prayer anymore, you would give it anyway.)

-pray for Elise, that she would have understanding. She seems to accept easily that Emma is rejoicing (and crawling, as this is something Elise always wished for her) in heaven. Right now she is more questioning me about my sadness. I have tried to prepare her that there will still be many tears, and explained to her why I am sad. I have learned from her cues how to talk to her about this. One way was to talk about Emma’s new body and when she said she wanted to go see Emma crawling I had a very clear example to use for her why I am sad. I told that we don’t get to see Emma right now even though she is so happy and that is why it is sad for us.  Added note:  Elise’s greatest fear right now seems to be that I will be leaving too.  I can see why this would be as for the last 5 months, where Emma went Mommy went.  She is responding well to my reassurance, but continue to pray for this.

-pray for John. He wanted it to be said that Emma’s memorial services are a time of celebration more than they are of sorrow. He is starting a job next week so I am sure he would appreciate prayer during this time of transition and the sorrow that is robbing him of the excitement of this new job.

-pray for me. My hardest thing right now will be getting enough sleep. For one thing my body is used to waking to care for Emma, but also this stress I am feeling is just a bit similar to postpartum depression and I know that the hardest physical thing I dealt with was actually turning my mind off to go to sleep. During the day I have kept so busy and am around so much family that I have been able to laugh and even talk of Emma without tears. After dark the hollowness begins to creep back into my soul. Also I think the hardest time for me will be after the services and the bustle of family visiting has passed. It will hit me hardest when it is time to go back to “normal.” I don’t know what that is for me anymore. I have lost a huge part of my purpose and even my “work” for each day.

-pray for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even great-grandparents. They as well as all of you are sharing deeply in this grief with us. Emma’s life was special in that even though she did not personally spend a lot of time with you many of you have shared that you felt as if you knew her well. Not only have I lost a daughter, but many have lost a neice, grand-daughter, and friend.

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  1. Oh Miriam~

    Everytime I drive by your house on my way home I try to pick up your whole family and show it to God. I know He’s all about you and yours right now.

    I’ve been hesitant to tell Sadie, and now you’ve given me a good example on how to do it. She has participated in your journey; we prayed nightly for Emma and Sadie often asked me to show her the pictures of Emma in the hospital on the website.

    Love, love, love,


  2. John,Miriam and Elise,
    We wanted to extend our sympathy. I cannot even imagine what this is like for you, but I do know we have a Lord who cares so much for us. I know you will lean on Him and trust Him in this great time of need. We will be praying for you all, and your families too.


  3. Miriam,
    I pray that when you lay down at night your sleepp will be sweet. It says in the Bible that JESUS sings over us as we sleep. I pray that for you and your family. I pray that the LORD would fill that hollowness in you with his love and peace.
    It’s okay and so good to grieve and I have felt led to pray tha you would truly allow yourself to fully grieve and feel your feelings. It’s okay. We love you all and are praying!
    Love, Rebecca & Family


  4. Oh Miriam,

    I just want to give you a great big hug! I grieve with you, but your words are so open and encouraging.

    I’m really proud of you and how you are handling this…I know it’s incredibly hard, but your testamony of your love for our Lord and Savior speaks volumes of who you are deep inside. I know HE is proud of you too. What a blessing you are to Him.

    I am praying for your family with a sincere heart. I am so thankful that you have family around you now. I pray they can ease the pain, even just a little. We all love you and will never forget our days with Emma Anne.


  5. John, Miriam and Elise,
    May you feel God’s love and comfort during this difficult time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Krista Hanson


  6. Miriam,

    First of all, I want you to know our family extends our deepest sympathy to you and your extended family. We love you and are praying for you. You all mean alot to us.

    Thank you for trusting in me enough to teach me to feed Emma. It was scary for me, but it let me be involved a little bit in her life and I thank you for that.

    Lastly, Hallye struggled with that same fear of me leaving her after my father died and she felt he left us. She was 3 also. I would love to talk with you about that anytime.

    Love from our family,
    Diane Swysgood, for David, Jessica and Hallye


  7. John, Miriam, and Elise,

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every waking moment these past couple of days. We are grieving (and rejoicing) right along with you. Many of the prayer requests you mentioned are ones we have already been praying for you. I do not know if it is any encouragement, but I found that I did finally sleep when my body was so exhausted it could not function anymore. I think having trouble sleeping, especially at night, is common. You have a lot to focus on right now, but after the funeral you will probably find you are so tired you sleep all the time for awhile! Grief is emotionally and physically exhausting. Please feel free to call at ANYTIME!



  8. Dear John, Miriam and Elise:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement you have brought by the example of your openness and transparancy in this time. Also, thank you for your boldness. As hard as it is, our family celebrates with you during this time of grief and sadness. It’s hard to believe that little Emma is in heaven now. There isn’t a prayer in the world that could even begin to make her life more extraordinary than it is at this moment…So, we will focus our requests for Gods healing on the three of you, and your family members. If there is anything we can do. Please ask. We will be there in a minute!


    The Corky Baker Family


  9. I am still praying for and thinking of you continually. I watch the clock and as the hours click by, you are on my mind. Let me know if I can help in any way. (meals, cleaning, shopping…)


  10. Thank you for thoughts on how to pray for you all, I will pass these on to my ladies group to pray specifically.


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