Thank you all!

It was very special for John and I to see how full the church was for Emma’s memorial service.  It was a beautiful service and a good testimony to the joy and grace of God.  Thank you all for your support.

I talked to Emma’s cardiologist on Friday.  It was special to me that he called me personally and he talked with me for about 15 minutes.  He said that he saw no reason why Emma’s heart conditions would have caused her to have such a sudden ceasing in breathing.  He pointed to either the fact that flu may have just been to hard for her to fight or that something happened in her brain stem (where we already knew she had some damage) that caused her to have an apnea spell.  He was very shocked and very kind in his condolences.  He offered to let us sit down and talk with him later if we needed to.

Thanks to all of your prayers, John and I have been sleeping quite soundly.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday and can feel that I have a lot more greiving to do that my body seems to have just put off.  I am exhausted, but was told that this is normal for grief.  Elise is doing well, asks every once in awhile about Emma.  I am sure she just thinks she is at the hospital or something and will soon be expecting her return.

Thanks again for all your support.

One thought on “Thank you all!

  1. Miriam
    We wish we could have been there yesterday. You have been heavy on our hearts and minds since the news.
    Thank you for being so honest and open in your updates.
    I’m glad you are sleeping well.


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