Doing well.

Hello all.  John and I are doing well the last few days.  This weekend we spent some time together as a family and with my family hiking.  Elise really enjoyed the time.  Saturday we went together to Wal-Mart and bought new paint for Elise’s room (as well as a mirror, which she informed us she needed–she is quite the little girl).  When we got back we all stayed up late painting her room lavendar and purple.  Even Elise helped.  Because her room is a mess, she has got the extra treat of sleeping on the couch upstairs.  Today we all went with my family out to Devil’s Den, had a picnic, and went on a hike.  Elise walked most of the way and even was adventerous enough to go into some of the caves with Daddy.  She is pretty worn out, but really enjoyed it.  She somehow got hiking mixed up with marching and for the first bit of the hike thought that she needed to “march.”  I am glad we convinced her otherwise, as she wouldn’t have made it very far.  She was also envisioning something out of her Pooh books as she thought we should dress up in bumblebee costumes and sing songs on our hike as well.

eliseinbackpack.jpg daddy&elise.jpgcrevicegroupwave.jpg

We seemed to be quite a bit more relaxed these last couple of days.  Tomorrow may be a bit hectic as I have to clean the whole house in preparation for realtors coming on Tuesday to look at it.  I have also been having a bit of trouble with my back, not sure what I did, but I am a bit worried that house cleaning may be too stressful on it tomorrow, so keep me in your prayers.  I also have been feeling like I am putting off thinking of Emma for lack of a good place or time to just cry.  I would imagine this would not be good to do too long.  I’ll be forced to do a little tomorrow as the nursery will at least have to be presentable by Tuesday and I have junk all over the floor right now from my short spurts of putting things away.  As a praise, I found a good way to donate most of Emma’s supplies, which was something I really wanted to do.  As for John, pray for the stresses of house and Oddbeat bills.  It is hard to find time to finish up details on the house, but we can’t sell it until we are done, and regardless it would be nice to just have it finished.  Plus we really need his office building to sell as that will greatly reduce the Oddbeat bills.  Pray for this to happen.

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