April 3, 2006.

Thank you all for praying.  I have been doing a bit better lately, but sometimes I wonder if it is because I seriously am progressing, or if I am just repressing things.  I do know that God did give me some good thoughts that helped to counteract the feelings of guilt.  I just took a different perspective on the issue.  I thought of my life and how I trust God with it.  I truly believe that He knows and is in control of the number of my days.  Even if I were murdered, I would believe that the Lord’s protection was still over me and that He is the one that gives and takes away life.  If I can be so sure in my own life, I should also accept the same for Emma.  His protection never left her, and it was not in my hands whether she lived or died.

John and I had a great Saturday away.  Thank you to Mothering Matters.  We were able to have a meal unlike most eat-out meals we usually take, and the show was wonderful.  (We saw Riverdance.)  We were in the first row behind the orchestra pit and could see the dancers and musicians facial expressions and everything.  It was a fun show to watch.

We heard from our realtor and she said most of the comments from the other realtors were positive.  Actually the only negative ones involved the fact that it wasn’t completely finished.

One thought on “April 3, 2006.

  1. Miriam, I’m learning so much through your posts. What you said about God protecting our lives even if it seems like He wasn’t (ie. murder) was very insightful.
    I’m so glad that you and John got away. Sounds like great fun.


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