A conversation with Elise:

“Elise, on Easter Sunday we are going to get up really early and get dressed, you get to wear your dancing skirt and maybe we can curl our hair.”

“Are we going to dance?”

“Yes, we can dance.  Then we are going to the cemetery and put pretty flowers on Emma’s grave for Emma.”

“But Emma is in heaven.”

“Yes, I know.  We can’t give them to Emma, but we can put them on her grave where her old body is.  Maybe God will let her see them.”


“No, we can’t see her.  That is why we are sad.  You know Mommy would like to have her with us, but she is very happy in heaven.”

“She is with Jesus.”

“That’s right.  And Jesus is taking good care of her.”

“Emma is never coming back.”

“You are right, and that is why Mommy is sad even though Emma is so happy.”

“But we will get a new baby.  This time we will have a baby boy.”

“Why do you want a baby boy?”

“I just do.  Maybe we can have two baby boys.”

“Elise, you know even if we do have more babies, Mommy will still miss Emma.”

“Well, if you have a baby you will be happy.”

“Yes, honey, I will be happy, but I may also cry because that baby wouldn’t be Emma and it might remind me of Emma.  But I would be happy too.”

“That’s OK.  Well, you can have a girl baby and a boy baby.”

“Now you know that it is up to God whether we have a boy or girl baby.  God decides.  He might not give us any more babies, or he might give us a boy or he might give us a girl.”

“Yeah, because he’s the boss.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, I think that we should have two boys and two girls.”

“Elise that is up to God.”

“Well, God said that yes, we can have them.”

“You have to ask him Elise.”

“OK, maybe we can have 3 babies.”

“All at once, or one at a time?”

“One at a time, but 3 babies.”

“OK, well you talk to God about that.”

“Alright, Jesus is in our house.”

“That’s right, so you can talk to Him about that.”

Well, there you have it.

2 thoughts on “A conversation with Elise:

  1. Awww! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time!
    What a blessing she is. Happy Easter to you all.


  2. I loved your conversation. What an insightful little girl! I know we are all prejudice, but Elise is a sharp little girl who is so much fun to be around. I just wish we had more time to spend with her. We love you guys so much.

    Under His wings
    Grandma & Grandpa


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