Easter 2006.

I thought everyone would be glad to know that my Easter was wonderful.  John, Elise, and I took some flowers to Emma’s grave before church.  That morning I had been thinking how wonderful Easter must be in heaven with all the angels singing praises.  I mentioned this to Elise and told her that Emma was probably dancing with the angels.  She liked that idea so much she said she wanted to dance with her.  She was really sad that she couldn’t.  In church, she was not very polite or talkative to anyone, and I kept making the excuse that she was tired.  But I wonder if she also was sad.

After church we (all the Millers, including the visiting ones, the Leins, and the Garmans) all celebrated at Natural Falls State Park.  It was a little warm, but a beautiful day.  Elise loved the Easter Egg Hunt.  I think that was her favorite part of the day, either that or finding out that the eggs had candy in them.  There was a little stuffed bunny hid for her as well, and when she caught sight of it she thought it was a real “aminal.”  It took some coaxing before she picked it up and discovered it was just a stuffed animal.  But she still held it up and exclaimed that she had found an “aminal.”


The Saturday before Easter we went on a mushroom hunt (a Miller family tradition).  This year we set the record, finding about 80 Morel mushrooms (most years we find 0-10).  Elise found the biggest one we’ve ever found-9 in. tall.

mushroomhunters.jpg elisesmushroom.jpg

These are the family members graduating this year:  Liza (my sister), Ben (my brother),and Megan (John’s sister)


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  1. Miriam,

    I’m so glad you had a good easter! Your dress looked great and you looked beauitufl in it!:)
    As always you are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Laura M.


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