May 8, 2006.

We are trying to get caught up after a busy weekend.  Liza, Ben, and Megan all graduated Saturday, along with some others we know as well.  Yesterday, Elise and I got to enjoy a quiet day out at Grandma’s, while unfortunately John had to stay home and get some work done.  Continue to pray that the Oddbeat building contract would go through soon, and that John’s workload would decrease some.

I have a real desire to start Emma’s scrapbook today, but I also feel that I have so much else needing to be cleaned up around the house that it is hard to just sit down and do that.  We’ll see what happens.  We had the census enumerator come by today and were recorded for the census.  Why does it bother me that Emma’s name will not appear on the census because she died before the census special date?  I know she exists on the social security records, it was just kind of sad to me today that for the census it was as if she never existed.  

Elise and I are getting along quite well today.  Her new favorite thing to do is play computer at a site I found that she can do all by herself.  It just goes through the alpahabet sounds.  She can sit for hours doing that, which means that I will probably have to enact a time limit soon.  We have a second car now that I licensed today so now I can actually get out during the day.  The down side to that is that I now seem to be thinking of all these things that have to be done that I was getting away with not doing before.  Elise and I have already been out twice today.  Hopefully I will be able to keep down my trips out so that things get done around here.

Well, it is a good day.  It is nice to see the sun.  One of Emma’s roses is blooming.  My clothes are fitting better as I have lost a total of 11 lbs. since January and am still losing 1-2 lbs. a week.  The dishes are clean; the laundry is half done.  Elise is sleeping soundly, and I feel pretty good.  Thanks to all you faithful readers, even on days like today when there is not much to say.  I guess that means my life is getting back to “normal.”  Sometimes I feel that it is a bit boring compared to the excitement we lived with with Emma.  But it is pretty peaceful in this house as well.

One thought on “May 8, 2006.

  1. Its good to see that some joy is returning in your life, but also good to see you still wrestling with God and the pain of not having Emma with you.
    You’ve got an excellent way of communicating.
    Way to go on the weight loss too! Awesome.


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