Mother's Day.

Thank you all who acknowledged my sorrow as well as my joy on Mother’s Day. Yesterday not only marked the first Mother’s Day after Emma’s death, but it was also the day she would have been 10 months old. I actually hadn’t thought that much about it, so I didn’t expect it to be that hard. But Saturday I sat down to post something here and got frustrated with something that caused me to not post at all because . . . well, I really don’t want to explain it and it didn’t have much to do with Emma, just my own head messing around. So the rest of the day I was pretty irritable and grumpy. I’m not sure what all the causes were for that, but it does seem that significant days hit me hard even when I am not concentrating on them or even realizing their significance. Sunday morning I was doing fine for the most part, until I got to church and people started hugging me. (Which, let me say I truly appreciated, but it did make me rather emotional.) Our Sunday school class was cancelled due to Pastor Dave’s absence, so John and I dropped Elise off and headed back to the cemetery. There I was able to cry and then we just went home until the service. I had three beautiful roses on Emma’s rosebush, so I went and cut one and made myself a corsage. That made me feel better as I felt I had something from Emma on that day. I may have to make that a tradition as long as her roses are blooming at the right time. I really cried when the Swysgoods and Glenda Manos sang “It is well.” Just as a reminder, I don’t mind the tears, they make the day more special for me. The rest of the day was more of a celebration and we had a good time visiting with family. I received several Mother’s Day gifts, which made me feel very special.

We got our new camera today, so here are a couple of shots that we got playing around with it. Becuase we were just practicing, I’m afraid that my daughter looks like quite the ragamuffin. And I’m embarassed to admit, she actually did leave the house looking like this today as I was in a hurry when I ran errands and didn’t even think about her hair.
eliseclose-up11.jpg elisehairintheface1.jpg 

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  1. She’s beautiful…even with ragamuffin hair…I have one too 🙂 What kind of camera did you get?


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