Quiet times.

I just wanted to share that I am doing better with spending the time I need with God.  I need to do better on expanding the time so that I really take the time to share my feeling with him because I think that is what I need.  But at least I have the base now, I am back into my Bible study book and that encourages me to do it every day so that I don’t get behind.  Please feel free to keep me accountable to this.  It is important even in the good times and more so in these times of grief.  You know it is hard to say that I am greiving sometimes, because I don’t always feel like I am.  I have a lot of joy in my life.  I am thankful that my greif is not darker than it is.  I am glad that I can laugh and smile and enjoy life as well as cry and remember and miss Emma.  I know she is rejoicing, so she will not begrudge me my joy.