Call to the cardiologist.

I am doing pretty well right now, but still very very sad. We are also feeling a bit stressed still with John’s building not selling and are still begging for prayers regarding this.

I called Emma’s cardiologist office today. I had planned to do this several weeks ago to set up an appointment with him to ask all of my remaining questions regarding Emma’s condition. It was actually hard for me to finally pick up the phone and make the call. I did today. I didn’t fall apart on the phone, though it was hard as I had to explain the situation in order to get an appointment. They are supposed to get with the doctor and call with something that will work with him. He was the one that offered to give us a consultation, so I am sure he is willing. I really want to do this, but am scared as I know I will probably fall apart at the sight of him. I’m not angry with him and actually feel like we have a good relationship, I just know it will bring back many feelings and memories.

One thought on “Call to the cardiologist.

  1. John,

    I will be praying for that and I noticed your house is for sale with Caldwell now…I’ve been praying for it to sell.


    What a big step to take in your healing process…I will pray for the consultation time and the days up to it.


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