The BIG GIRL Party!

I realized tonight that I forgot to post the pictures I have been meaning to of Elise’s BIG GIRL Party.  This is a party that we gave Elise because we were all so excited that she completed her potty training (at least in the daytime).


ladybugpizzas1.jpg Ladybug Pizza

ladybugcake1.jpg Ladybug Cake

ladybugcandy1.jpg Ladybug Candy

Watermelon, Carrots, & Celery

Strawberry Lemonade


Everyone had to dress up like ladybugs.  Then we opened presents and played one of Elise’s card games.  We all cracked up listening Tia sing silly songs to Elise because that is the book Elise picked for bedtime.  We had a great time.

ladybugs2.jpg elise&tiabugs.jpg elise&popbugs.jpg

One thought on “The BIG GIRL Party!

  1. Love the cake…I might have to steal that idea sometime. I love making cakes for my kid’s birthday parties…never thought of having a BIG GIRL party though. The picture of Elise and her grandpa (?) on the couch is priceless…I’m not sure he’s having so much fun, but anything for her, right? hehe. And they kind of have the same smirk on their faces. Too cute. Congrats Elise…welcome to BIG GIRL land!!


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