A Story about Elise.

Here is a cute story about Elise and discipline. The other day we were getting ready for company and I asked her to clean her room. Of course, she is really good about getting me to “help,” which means I end up doing most of the work. So I told her that I would only work as long as she was working. When she stopped and sat down, I stopped. She asked me why I wasn’t cleaning and I told her that she wasn’t working. So then she says, “Well, I am done cleaning. I think I will leave these toys out.” “No, Elise,” I said, “You are having company, you need to clean your room. Besides, Mommy needs to sweep in here.” She insisted she was done. So I told her, “If you don’t pick up your toys I will have to sweep them up and throw them away. And once they go in the trash can, they are not coming back.” “Well,” she says, “I have played with these toys a long time. That will be OK.” “Oh, no!” I thought to myself. But I went to get the broom and started sweeping around her toys. I kept trying to reason to her, but she continued to sit there completely nonchalant. “Elise,” I said, “I will be sad if I have to throw away all these toys.” “I don’t want you to be sad.” she said, “But I am not sad.” “OK,” I thought. “Here is the test of your discipline Mom.” So I began to sweep up the toys. As soon as I viciously began sweeping the toys into a pile she burst into tears. “I will pick them up, I will pick them up.” she cried. I guess she just didn’t think I’d do it. Hopefully this will only be a one time occurence. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “A Story about Elise.

  1. Miriam,
    Don’t you hate it when you actually have to follow through on your threats! We think if we threaten something terrible, they will then obey. If only that is how it worked!:) What are we to do with our 3 year olds!:) Somehow I missed the email about your ring. I just now got to see the pictures. It is beautiful and perfect. I’m so glad you got something special to have with you all the time as a reminder of Emma. I hope you are having more smiles then tears or frowns. have a wonderful day!:)
    Laura M.


  2. LOL. Oh, I have soo been there! I hate it too. Sounds like you handled it very well. I tend to reason too much, until I’m pleading for her to do what I have asked. I know, I know…bad mommy. I seem to comfort myself in thinking at 3 1/2 she’ll magically be compliant…I can wish can’t I? 🙂


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