Open House on Sunday.

We’ve been very busy around here lately. Thanks to help from my Grandpa and a friend, we were able to make a lot of progress on our house in the last few weeks. I’ve been busy painting, caulking, and varnishing in preparation for an open house on Sunday. It will be from 1-5 pm. If you know of anyone who is looking for a large almost new house, please send them our direction on Sunday. Last time we did an open house we only had two people stop by, so please pray we will have a good turnout. If you are curious as to what the inside of our house looks like, feel free to stop by as it will be clean and ready to show off. 🙂

Because I’ve been asked a lot, I realize that not everyone knows what our plans are. We are not planning on moving out of the area. Our reasons for selling the house are as follows: One, this is not a change of plan for us, we were always planning on selling our house once it was finished, as our larger plan is to move a little ways out of town. I don’t think we’ll be able to afford it yet, but this is one step in the process. Two, we really would like to lower our monthly bills and this seems the best method. Three, the lure of profit in the bank is hard to pass up after all our hard work.
In other news, John’s building sell has not been completely finalized yet. Closing should be soon. They are waiting on a survey.

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