General news from the Leins.

Well, this will be a post of odds and ends, but here goes.

First of all, this has been a good week despite the memories of Emma. September 14 was a very significant day in my mind.  It marked the first day Emma travelled down to Little Rock.  It was the day we met one of the most important people in Emma’s life, Dr. Morrow.  As I went through this week, every day it seemed like something would bring a pain of reminder to my heart, a pain I can actually feel.  But right alongside that I am reminded of how we were blessed by those who are part of those memories.  To name a few, Helen Hawkins (who fist diagnosed Emma), my Mom (who stayed with me all day as we waited for an appointment in Little Rock), John’s Mom (who because of her determination and concern actually got Emma’s appointment with Dr. Youmans on Tuesday moved up a few hours, which allowed us to get things moving so much faster), Dr. Youmans (who through all of Emma’s life showed his concern and care and spent much of his precious time on Tuesday acquiring Emma an appointment at Children’s), and Dr. Morrow (who fit Emma into his schedule that day and always worked tirelessly for her health).  Thank you all.  You have shown God’s love to us.

In other news, Elise is growing up fast.  She is an AWANA cubby now!  She loves it and remembers each verse that they’ve done.  She is also progressing very fast in preschool (which I do with her at home, and she does some with Nana and Aunt Hannah).  She knows quite a few letters and their sounds and even writes some of them.  We are working on writing her name.  She gets a little frustrated with the “s”.  I’ve included some pictures of her with Pop’s (my dad) new puppy.  Who’s cuter, the puppy or Elise?

elise&puppy2.jpg elise&puppy.jpg

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  1. Elise,
    Hannah is an AWANA cubby too! I wish you were in the same class. I’m sure you would have lots of fun together. I’m very proud of you for memorizing your Bible verses. Writing the letter “s” is very hard, but it just takes practice. You’ll get it because God has made you very smart! Be good for your mommy and do well in school! Bye!


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