The prayer of the grieving.

Lord, please heal my heart, but not so much that I don’t hurt,

For if I don’t hurt, how will I remember.

Lord, never let me forget the pain,

For if I forget, how will I know your blessings

Lord if you choose to fill my arms, still let them ache just a bit,

For if they don’t ache, she will be forgotten.

Lord walk with me through memories,

For without you there, I might only look at the negative.

Lord show me just enough of your purpose in my pain,

That I may be content with the path you have chosen for me.

Lord, open my eyes to others that are hurting,

So that I may be your hands of comfort to them.

Lord, make of me what you will,

So that this pain is not in vain.


One thought on “The prayer of the grieving.

  1. Miriam,

    I know God is answering and has already answered this prayer in your life. May He do the same for all of us.

    In His love,



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