Really Big Praise!

I had to share with you all today a really big praise. I was making some phone calls in regards to Emma’s medical bills. I haven’t heard from the Children’s Hospital for a long time. So I called them to find out the status of Emma’s account. It has been paid in full! Medicaid apparently covered everything that wasn’t covered by other means. Now that is not the only place that we owed money too, but I am expecting that the same thing may happen for those other places too. I’ll make some more phone calls to find out, but the big bill was at Children’s. What an amazing God we have to take care of this for us!

3 thoughts on “Really Big Praise!

  1. OH Miriam, What wonderful news! I can imagine, I think, the burden of the financial issues. I’ll be praying about the rest and thanking God for his blessed provision πŸ™‚


  2. Miriam,

    I love to hear about how sometimes God, seemingly out of the blue, physically reminds us that He is taking care of us. He is in the minute details of our lives, though many times we fail to acknowledge that. Thanks for giving all of His children reason to sing His praises!


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