New life.

I am sitting here tonight trying to find a way to share the news I want to share with you all. Some of you will have already heard. Perhaps some of you have not. John and I are happy to announce that we are expecting to welcome a new baby to our family July 2007. With this news I have already gone through a mountain of emotions, including excitement, joy, fear, anticipation, dread, nervousness, sadness, peace, and others. I know that this pregnancy will be much more complicated emotionally than either of my others. I experience excitement at the thought of a new life growing within me. I experience joy at the thought of holding a child in my arms, one that I have given birth to. I experience fear as I think of all the things that could go wrong, and how God has made me no promises regarding the length of time we will experience this child. I experience anticipation of the arrival of this little one. I experience dread as I think of labor, sleepless nights, postpartum depression, etc. I also experience dread as I wonder how fearful I will be once my child is born. I experience nervousness at the newness of this pregnancy. For the first time I will be seeing a doctor for my prenatal care and will be planning on delivering in the hospital. I experience sadness as I am so aware of the missing member of our family, and that no matter how large our family grows, that emptiness will still be there. And I have experienced peace, as I know that no matter how long I experience this life, no matter what struggles this child will have, and no matter what the path God has set before us now, He will be there beside us. He has proven himself to us in so many ways, it is hard not to trust him in this as well.

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  1. Miriam,
    As you already know, I rejoice with you in your happiness!:) I ask many blessings upon you and your family as you expirence this new life and the new fears you never had before. God is there in all the hopes, fears, happiness, and the unknown. I would also like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!:)


  2. What a special blessing for you, John and Elise! God is so steadfast in his lovingkindness toward His children. YOU are the parents and sister God has chosen for this new little one and He will prepare you every step of the way for your new responsibility. Our prayers are with you always.


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