First doctor's appointment.

I had my first prenatal visit today. It went really well, and I am still overjoyed with how well it went. I was just a bit hesitant wondering if anything would be wrong, but everything appears as it should. We did go ahead and do an early ultrasound today, so we got to see the little tiny baby nestled right where it should be. The heart was beating away, and I just felt that the baby looked healthy and strong. Now mind you that is a very unprofessional opinion, but the nurse did say it all looks just like it should for where I am. And the baby measured exactly as I guessed it would, so all looks well for the July 24 due date. I am so excited to have seen my newest child and to see how strongly the heart was beating. It takes a bit of the worry away, at least for now, and replaces it with more feelings of connection to this little one.

2 thoughts on “First doctor's appointment.

  1. I’m so thankful to see God sending you a reminder of His care for you and you new little one in the form of an ultrasound. He knows we are dust and that we need reminders! Our prayers continue for your whole family.


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