16 week check-up

Elise and I went to our 16 week check-up today.  It was a pretty short appointment.  I had them check my hemoglobin levels because I haven’t been feeling well (although today I’ve felt fine) and I thought that maybe I needed more iron.  It tested at 13, which is really good, so I guess that isn’t the reason.  After a short chat with the doctor (the only concern I had was numb toes, which I found out are a normal part of pregnancy) we listened to the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler.  He found it pretty quick and asked Elise if she knew what sound that was, and she did.  Elise enjoyed going with me, I’ll have to take her to one of the ultrasounds too.  So everything looks good.  My next appointment is not until March.  I’ll have one more here in Siloam, with I think an ultrasound, and then the one in Little Rock.

3 thoughts on “16 week check-up

  1. I’m glad everything is going well…I always hated waiting on the next ultrasound! My prayers are with you. Kat


  2. I am so thankful that things are going well for the 4 of you (well . . . 5 including Kit). May you be in awe of God’s handiwork and closeness all along the way to a wonderful birthing day!

    Prayers with Hugs from Afar, May
    (We’re travelling in Seattle this week.)


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