Elise's new puppy.

As you all probably know, Elise is now 4 years old!  In her words, “One time I was 3, now I am 4!”  She is quite excited about being a whole year older, and perhaps her favorite present was a puppy that Daddy drove many miles to get for her.  Her name is Kit.  Here are some pictures of her, she’s a Boston Terrier, and very sweet.  We are in the midst of house training, which of course falls to Mommy most of the time. 🙂 Kit loves people, and Harvey (the orange kitten sleeping with her on the couch in the pictures).  She also loves chewing on things and hiding under the couch.  We’ve spent much of our day today rescuing her from upstairs as she figured out how to climb up, but not down.

kit&elise2.jpg Kit&harvey.jpg kitclose-up.jpg

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