Sunday's Song.

For those of you that do not attend our church, my sister Bekah and I sang the song “Held” by Natalie Grant in church on Sunday.  I had some things in mind I wanted to say in relation to the song, but did not trust myself to speak on that day.  In fact, I’m surprised I got through the whole song.  I wanted to share the song with the church family because of how you have excelled in walking through grief with me.  Your continuous prayers, notes of encouragement, and meaningful questions have all been well appreciated.  I know that not everyone knows how to comfort someone in the loss of an infant, but you all have done it well.  Shortly after Emma’s death, I looked at John and asked him why it all seemed so easy.  I was curious why grieving was not harder for us than it was.  His reply was simply:  “There are a lot of people praying.”  Thank you for being those people.  Thank you for lifting us up on those prayers.