Fetal echo next week.

This is just a friendly reminder that in one week we will be getting the fetal echocardiogram and level II ultrasound in Little Rock.  We’d appreciate prayers for safe travel there and back, for good news from the ultrasounds, and for our nerves leading up to this.  Also that God’s peace will be upon us, especially in the event they do find something.  I have been really looking forward to this trip.  Not only are we getting to get a good look at the baby, John and I are actually staying the rest of the weekend in Hot Springs as an early anniversary trip.  But today I am feeling kind of down and I don’t know if it has to do with hormones, being tired, or if I’m worried about next week.  Whatever it is, I’d appreciate your prayers.  Since we will be gone the whole week-end I won’t be able to post the results of the ultrasounds until we get back, but I will as soon as we do.

One thought on “Fetal echo next week.

  1. May God comfort you as He reminds you of the many times He has cared for His people in general and you in particular. He is unchanging and will always provide for you as He has promised. Many prayers from our family for you during this important time. May God calm your heart and grant you His peace.

    The Mindeman Family


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