General update.

I thought it was time for a general update of what has been going on in our lives.  It’s been rather busy here lately.

I am finishing up my chemistry labs at JBU.  I have 2 weeks left and then I am done.  I will not be returning to JBU in the fall.  Despite the fact that I love teaching it has been an added stress this semester and the time commitment is a little unrealistic with the expectation of an infant in the fall.  I will be taking on a new responsibility at Mothering Matters, which is the mothering group our church sponsors.  I have been involved in the leadership for three years now and next year will be the coordinator.  That means I am involved in all the decisions for the group and delegation of the various responsibilities.  I have people lined up to help me and am actually hoping for a co-coordinator to come alongside me, but we’ll see what God has planned.

John has been busy at work, and is really enjoying his job as Art Director.  God has prospered the work of his hands as the projects he’s worked on have really been successful for the company.  My brother Ben just recently joined the team at my husband’s work as well and though his job is different than John’s, it is nice to see him there when we go to visit John.

Elise has been taking a bit of a break from organized preschool at home.  I’ve gotten busier and she was beginning to lose interest.  We will pick it up again in the fall.  I’m sure it will be exciting and new again by then.  She is very close to being able to start reading anyway, so she is way ahead of many 4 year olds.

Today I had the sad job of having to take missing puppy posters to the vet and the animal shelter.  Elise’s puppy Kit disappeared from my parent’s yard when we were out there this weekend.  We have seen no sign of her and I’m afraid may never see her again.  Elise is handling it well, though she goes back and forth from saying she wants to find Kit and she wants to buy a new dog.  I think I am more upset about it than she is, but it has led to some interesting conversations as she relates the loss to losing Emma.  She even mentioned that we could put up pictures of Emma, but realized that wouldn’t work as we already know where Emma is.

In less than three weeks we will be heading to California on the first family vacation with just the 3 of us that we’ve ever had.  We’ll be visiting John’s family there as well as some tourist attractions.  Elise is counting down the days, and John and I are anxiously watching the days slip through our fingers as we realize we are running out of time to finish some things that need to get done before we leave.  But we are both excited as well.  We’ll be flying, so that will be a new experience for Elise, and neither John nor I have actually flown in several years, so it will also be an experience for us with the tightened security.

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  1. Is the puppy still missing? 😦 We lost ours for 5 days (?) i think it was, and then a neighbor several blocks away called and said she had found him the day after he went missing!


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